"During extremely high-stress πŸ’¦ situations requiring complex design and code deliverables πŸ“©, I never once saw Antonio lose his cool 😎 or drop the ball 🎾 on anything.
He was a great communicator, had a very thorough understanding of the technology requirements as well as a very nuanced understanding of the design system being implemented (a 500-pageπŸ“„ doc!). I thoroughly enjoyed working with Antonio and would look forward to working with him again if the opportunity arose. I highly recommend him to any team that is looking for a solid client-facing Technology DirectorπŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» who is adept at shepherding complex projects out the doorπŸšͺ while maintaining design integrity and a thorough understanding of the projects' technology stack.
"Β πŸ‘πŸ½

Design Technologist / Creative Engineer

SpaceBase.One | Oct 2018 - July 2021

I'm an experienced UX design and engineering lead who enjoys working on mobile and web applications.

I've been able to work on consumer products with great teams in marketing as well as growth.

I enjoy contemplating the details of an applications aesthetic and technical sides.

Here are a few headlines:
  • I've built design and development departments that scaled.
  • I've developed and released various consumer products.
  • I'm able to manage multiple projects with various moving parts.
  • Amateur Cheerleader πŸ”Š πŸ›Ή
  • Awarded the Communication Arts Interactive Annual Award.

Associate Technical Director

Odopod | Mar 2013 - Oct 2018

β€’ Led an external team of engineers in building the responsive frontend for sony.co.uk.
β€’ Led engineering team and architected with Sony the iOS and Chromecast applications for PlayStation Vue.
β€’ Led engineering team and worked closely with Google to help create the Google online store.
β€’ Conducted code reviews for team members to look for optimizations, maintain project standards, and share knowledge.
β€’ Adept at creating and managing scope, budget and timelines for various projects.
β€’ Collaborated with engineers, designers, product managers and support teams to implement our strategies across various products.
β€’ Hands on development.

Technical Director

Petrol | Mar 2007 - May 2012

β€’ Built and led an engineering department consisting of 20+ employees ranging from engineers, producers, art directors and QA.
β€’ Adept at creating and leading online marketing campaigns that meet scope, budget and timeline requirements.
β€’ Created and presented creative and technical solutions for various client projects.
β€’ Hired, mentored and set professional goals for engineering team.
β€’ Hands on development.


Otis College of Art and Design | Bachelor of Fine Art

Worked primarily in new media technologies (digital imaging, web technologies, computer processing) within the umbrella of the fine art curriculum as a means to find new forms of communication for my work.